graciela busignani architect designer


 Ms. Busignani graduated as an Architect in her native Argentina, at the Universidad Nacional de Tucumán.
Her work experience includes projects in Argentina, the Republic of San Marino and the United States, where she lived for almost 20 years, working with International Architectural firms. 
The international work and variety of the projects, gave her a well-rounded experience. 
Ms. Busignani has been also been involved in the Arts since early in life. Art has always been for her a great source of inspiration and creativity.



Graciela Busignani


Since I was a student I had a strong desire to see the world, so a couple of years after graduating I left my home country and began my journey.

Living and working in different countries has enriched my life experiences in a way beyond my expectations. I am extremely grateful for having had the opportunity of meeting wonderful people and working with great companies. 

If you would like to see my portfolio or to request my CV, please contact me.